Which is better nylon taslon or polyester taffeta?


1. The price of nylon taslon is twice as high as that o […]

1. The price of nylon taslon is twice as high as that of polyester taffeta. At the same time, the performance of nylon taslon is even better.
2. Nylon taslon is smoother and softer than polyester taffeta, with better hand feeling and higher comfort on the body.
3. Nylon taslon has stronger abrasion resistance and higher cost performance than polyester taffeta fabric.
4. Nylon taslon has a little elasticity, while polyester taffeta is inelastic, but it is relatively rough.
5. Nylon taslon is more difficult to dye than polyester taffeta. The main characteristics of polyester taffeta are more stable and better in coloring.

Nylon taslon and polyester taffeta fabrics are relatively personally recommended for nylon taslon. Of course, it is better to choose the fabrics you need according to the scope of application. It is better to choose polyester taffeta for the lining. Choose nylon taslon as the material.


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