What will happen to ribbon printing?


1. Ribbon wrinkles Possible Causes: A. The ribbon is no […]

1. Ribbon wrinkles
Possible Causes:
A. The ribbon is not wrapped around the machine correctly.
B. The pressure and balance settings of the print head are incorrect.
C. The temperature setting is incorrect. To
D. The paper feed amount is not set correctly.
A. Reinstall the media correctly.
B. Adjust the printing temperature to meet the printing needs as much as possible.
C. Reset the minimum pressure required for printing.
D. Reset the correct feeding amount of the media.


2. During the printing process, the printed barcode image is not clear
Possible Causes:
A. Use inferior ribbon or ribbon expired, please re-select better performance ribbon.
B. Inferior label paper is used, which greatly reduces the transfer capacity of the ribbon. Please replace with better label paper for testing.
C. The temperature setting is low and the ribbon cannot be completely transferred. Please increase the temperature and reset. To
D. The print head is dirty or its installation position is incorrect, please clean it with alcohol and cotton swabs or adjust the position of the print head appropriately, especially pay attention to the same height

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