What should I do if the thermal transfer ribbon does not print clearly?


If the thermal transfer ribbon does not print clearly, […]

If the thermal transfer ribbon does not print clearly, you can clean it as follows.

1. Turn off the printing power,
2. Open the printer shell and raise the print head.
3. If the printer is working in thermal transfer mode, you need to remove the ribbon to expose the print head.
4. Gently wipe the print head with a cotton ball containing absolute alcohol to remove dust and dirt on it.
5. After the alcohol evaporates, the print head can be reused. Pay attention to the cleaning process and remember not to scratch the print head.
(2) When the bar code is unclear during regular maintenance, it may be due to the following reasons.
1. Use inferior ribbon or ribbon expired. Please reinstall a ribbon with better performance.
2. Using poor quality label paper greatly reduces the thermal transfer capability of the ribbon. Please replace the label with better performance.
3. The temperature setting is low, and the ribbon cannot be completely transferred. Please increase the temperature and reset.
After the print head has been used for a period of time, it is sometimes necessary to check whether the print head is worn or burnt during use. At this time, you can print out the self-check label for judgment. If there are vertical stripes in the dot matrix image on the self-check label, there is no debris on the print head, it often indicates that the print head has been damaged.

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