What material are the ribbon and ribbon made of, are they the same?


From the perspective of the material and shape of the r […]

From the perspective of the material and shape of the ribbon: the silk ribbon is 100% natural silk, with fine texture, soft and smooth, easy to wrinkle shape, easy to shape, both sides of the ribbon are the same, no difference between the positive and the negative, the color soft. The satin ribbon is an artificial ribbon with a rough texture and a thicker appearance. The two sides of the ribbon are different. One side is a smooth satin surface, and the other side is relatively rough, bright in color, and not easy to shape.




Ribbons: Velvet ribbons; Elastic velvet ribbons; Double-sided velvet ribbons; Ribbed velvet ribbons; Polyester ribbons; Nylon ribbons; Snow yarn ribbons; Gold and silver onion ribbons; Boxed ribbons; Lattice ribbons; ; Printed belt; Hand-woven ribbon floral decoration; Fragrant bag; Chinese knot rope; Flow comb; Gold and silver onion rope Scottish belt; Christmas ribbon.

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