What is the reason for the easy pilling on the surface of the polyester ribbon?


Polyester ribbon has many advantages such as high stren […]

Polyester ribbon has many advantages such as high strength, good elasticity, heat resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used as decoration in clothing, craft gifts and other fields, and can be flame-retardant, waterproof, oil-resistant and anti-static according to the different requirements of users For the production of different functions, it should be noted that the polyester ribbon is not perfect. The problem of easy pilling on its surface has caused a lot of headaches. Let's take a look at the reasons why the surface of the polyester ribbon is easy to pilling!



Factors that cause the surface of the polyester ribbon to be prone to pilling:
The surface of the polyester ribbon is smooth, but the cohesion between the fiber and the fiber is poor. When the friction is caused by improper storage, the fiber tip is easily exposed on the surface of the fabric, forming fluff and entangled the fiber into a small ball under the action of friction , The formed small ball is extremely difficult to fall off due to the high fiber degree and good elasticity.
In addition, polyester fabric is a natural fiber fabric. If it is used to make clothing, it will be subjected to friction from external forces during the wearing process, and the surface of the fabric will also appear fluffing and pilling. The reason for its easy pilling is related to the fiber characteristics, mainly because the adhesion between the fibers is small, the fiber strength is high, and the elongation ability such as bending resistance and torsion resistance is particularly large, which makes it easy for the fiber to slip out.

Methods to prevent pilling of polyester ribbon:
1. When making webbing ribbon, try to choose fiber types that are not easy to pilling during the production of yarns and fabrics, which can effectively prevent webbing from pilling.
2. When pretreatment and dyeing are carried out in the air-jet dyeing machine, some lubricants can be added appropriately to reduce friction and reduce the chance of webbing pilling.
3. For fabrics blended with polyester and cellulose fibers, the polyester component part is subjected to alkali reduction operation, which can reduce the strength of the polyester fiber to a certain extent, so that even if there are small balls on the surface of the fabric, it can be easily removed .

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