What is the purpose of the label ribbon?


There are too many categories of labels. According to t […]

There are too many categories of labels. According to the different surface materials, they can be divided into copper paper, film (PET, PVC, etc.), synthetic paper, fragile paper, and so on. There are hydrosols, hot melt adhesives and so on. Most of the bottom paper belongs to Glassine paper.



Packaging: Mark label, postal package, letter packaging, transportation cargo identification, envelope address label.

Electrical appliances: labels for mobile phones, labels for various electrical appliances, labels for laptops, labels for mechanical and electrical products, and labels for cleaning.

Commodities: price tags, product description labels, shelf labels, barcode labels, drug labels.

Management: Book label, vehicle inspection label, security check label, property label, file management label, work permit label, notebook label, factory identification label.

Office: Document tags, file preservation tags, various items and stationery tags.

Production: raw material identification, processed product identification, finished product label, inventory management label.

Chemical industry: paint material label, gasoline engine oil product packaging label and various special solvent product labels.

Others: anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption labels, anti-theft labels, parking lot tickets, highway toll tickets, important road signs.

Jewelry: Jewelry tag tags, tag tags that are not easy to stick to goods, and labels on the outside of jewelry boxes.

Life: food container label, seasoning classification label, tableware classification label, potted plant label, beverage label.

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