What is the meaning of the ribbon?


Everyone knows that in the webbing industry, a ribbon i […]

Everyone knows that in the webbing industry, a ribbon is a strip of flexible material. It has a smooth and smooth surface. It is usually made of cloth materials and can be used for decoration, commemorative or symbolic purposes. In the United States, Canada, Australia, and many parts of the world, the color of the ribbon can represent your concern or support for a certain topic or issue. The meaning behind the ribbon depends on its color.

The "Purple Ribbon" represents respect, wisdom, sensibility and care. In fact, every old man is a book, some may be a story book, and some may be a textbook. The wisdom accumulated in it requires us to slowly read and explore. The so-called every old man deserves our respect and respect. Caring.

The "white ribbon" represents the elimination of violence against women. The white ribbon, as a symbol of this movement, symbolizes that men’s violence against women will no longer forgive and no longer be silent. Every year from November 25th to December 6th, men wear white ribbons.

The "red ribbon" represents an international symbol that calls for the whole society to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, to understand and care for HIV-infected persons and AIDS patients.

"Pink Ribbon" is used as the logo of breast cancer prevention and control activities to promote and advocate the concept of "early prevention, early detection, and early treatment". It has become a recognized symbol of global breast cancer prevention and treatment activities. It is the pink ribbon breast cancer in October every year. Prevention Awareness Month, October 18th is the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

The small webbing has a great effect. Although the webbing is small, it is of great significance. The woven web is no longer a webbing, but the strong will of each generation, a spirit of resisting the oppression of life, a webbing that spreads culture.


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