What is the difference between ribbon/silk ribbon and polyester?


Polyester filament fabric (polyester silk) has a strong […]

Polyester filament fabric (polyester silk) has a strong sense of imitating silk, bright luster, but not soft enough, it has a glittering effect, smooth, flat and elastic. After squeezing the silk surface, loosen it without obvious crease.



After the warp and weft are soaked in water, they are not easy to tear. Nylon filament fabric (nylon silk) has a dull luster, and the surface has the feeling of being coated with a layer of wax, and the color is not bright. The hand feels stiff, and the fabric is loosened after being squeezed tightly. There are creases and can slowly return to its original shape. The warp and weft yarns have high fastness.




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