What is a double-layer polyester webbing? What are the characteristics and uses?


Double-layer polyester webbing is thicker than ordinary […]

Double-layer polyester webbing is thicker than ordinary polyester webbing. It has greater advantages in yarn count, density, and weight. It is often used in clothing fabrics, architectural interior decoration and other industrial products. For a wide range of uses, many people know very little about the characteristics and uses of double-layer polyester webbing. Below, HU ZHOU XINXI WUXING SILK CO., LTD. will give you a detailed introduction!





Features of double-layer polyester tape:
1. The double-layer polyester tape has better corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, and has the characteristics of good moisture removal and easy cleaning. Compared with cotton fabrics, although its air permeability is not as good as cotton, it is worse than the price.
2. Polyester webbing has very good heat resistance, moisture absorption, high elasticity and high elasticity. Many polyester webbing manufacturers say that its elasticity has many things in common with wool, such as: when stretched 5%-6% , It can be restored almost completely, and its wrinkle resistance is good, better than most other fibers, which can ensure that the fabric has good dimensional stability.
3. Polyester webbing can be divided into different production methods according to different uses. For example, it can produce flame-retardant, waterproof, oil-resistant, anti-static and other functional products according to the special requirements of users. For example, when processing special clothing, the flame-retardant polyester webbing is waterproof and oil-resistant finishing, which can improve the functionality of the flame-retardant clothing, and the interweaving process of flame-retardant polyester and conductive fibers can produce anti-static flame-retardant fabrics. The use of flame-retardant fibers and high-performance fibers for blending and interweaving can produce high-performance flame-retardant fabrics. The use of flame-retardant fibers and cotton, viscose and other fibers blended can improve the comfort of protective clothing and reduce secondary burns.


Uses of double-layer polyester tape:
The double-layer polyester webbing can be used in textiles, architectural interior decoration, vehicle interior decoration, etc., and can be used in the field of protective clothing by taking advantage of its performance advantages. It can produce flame retardant suitable for metallurgy, forestry, chemical, petroleum, fire and other departments. protective suit.

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