What factors affect the color fastness of webbing?


Judging the quality of the webbing involves many factor […]

Judging the quality of the webbing involves many factors. Among them, the color fastness is an important factor in judging the quality of the webbing. Below, HU ZHOU XINXI WUXING SILK CO., LTD. reminds everyone that 3 points affect the color of the webbing. The factor of fastness!



1. Material factors, good color fastness has conflict resistance, perspiration resistance, washing resistance, light resistance, and washing resistance. The ribbon with good color fastness is not easy to be damaged after a long time of use. Discoloration caused by the influence of external factors.

2. Factors in the production process, various exquisite types of webbing on the market have to go through multiple processes before they leave the factory, which is easy to cause multiple batches of production. Each batch of fabric will have a certain color difference.

3. Some error factors in the operation process. The color fastness is the degree to which the color of the dyed textile can be maintained under the action of physics and chemistry. The color change of the sample can be used to compare when judging, usually with white cloth. The degree of color determines the color fastness.
In the daily testing requirements for various items of color fastness, color fastness to conflict, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to washing, color fastness to light, color fastness to water immersion, color fastness to washing, Weather fastness and other items are more common. In practical applications, the color fastness to perspiration, dry friction, and water immersion are the items required by the fundamental safety technical specifications of textiles. All dyed textiles must be checked.
If it is about infant textile products, additional checks on color fastness to saliva should be added!

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