What aspects need to be checked to judge the color fastness of polyester tape?


The color fastness of the polyester tape is an importan […]

The color fastness of the polyester tape is an important indicator for judging whether its quality is qualified. The color fastness of a polyester tape with good color fastness will always maintain the degree of firmness under the action of physics, chemistry, etc., and the color is not easily affected by external factors. Generally, to judge the color fastness of polyester tape, it is necessary to check from 7 aspects such as friction resistance, sweat resistance, washing resistance, light resistance, water immersion resistance, scrubbing resistance, and weather resistance.



During inspection, it is usually judged by the color change of the sample after the test, and the color fastness is evaluated by the evaluation grade of the degree of staining of the white cloth. Among them, the color fastness to perspiration, dry rubbing, and water immersion are the basic items of polyester tape inspection. If there are special items, such as infant webbing textile products, the color fastness to saliva must be checked.

Judgment method of color fastness of polyester tape:
The method of judging the color fastness of polyester tape usually adopts the method of visual evaluation, that is, the gray sample card is used as the standard sample. Under certain light and environmental conditions, the gray card and the sample are compared with human eyes to determine the original sample of the sample. Discoloration and staining grades of white cloth. Generally, gray cards (respectively discoloration and staining) are divided into five fastness grades, namely 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The larger the grade, the better the color fastness, and the 1 is the worst color fastness.
It should be noted that in every two levels, another half level will be added, that is, 4 5, 3 4, 2 3, 12, so the gray card we use daily is 5 grades and 9 grades, and the color fastness evaluation result is 9. One of three levels. If a certain color fastness of the polyester belt does not reach the level specified by the standard, the webbing product is judged as unqualified.

The above is a method to judge the color fastness of polyester tape. Only webbing products with up to standard color fastness can be used in the market. They can be used to make clothing and other industrial products. Flame retardant polyester can be used because of its permanent flame retardancy. It is used in some special occasions and has a wider range of applicability.

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