What are the types of label ribbons?


1 Standard Laminated Label Ribbon The standard film-coa […]

1 Standard Laminated Label Ribbon
The standard film-coated label ribbon has passed the test and has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, fading resistance, water resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and good surface coverage.




2. Cable label ribbon
This kind of ribbon is more suitable for marking on cylindrical or curved surfaces, and can be wrapped and flagged to mark various wires, cables, optical fibers, pipes, test tubes, curved or cylindrical surfaces.

3. Silver label ribbon
The unique metallic color has a very high metallic aluminum color reflection. There are two types of standard viscosity and strong viscosity, suitable for fixed asset identification or product nameplates, etc.

4. Strong adhesive label ribbon
Its stickiness is twice that of standard film-coated label ribbons. Suitable for some rough, non-smooth, textured surfaces. Such as metal or plastic surfaces (computer cases, displays, etc.), engineering plastics, shelves, etc.

5. High-speed and high-precision label ribbon
High-speed and high-precision label ribbons can be used on PT-9700PC/9800PCN. The maximum speed can reach 80mm/sec, and the maximum precision can reach 360X720dpi. It is mainly used in the need to print a large number of labels in a short time, such as the production line of the manufacturing industry or the need to print signs with graphics or logos to optimize the jagged edge of the text.

6. Cloth hot stamping label ribbon (no film)
This is a special fiber material non-laminated label. After printing, you can use an electric iron to stick the label on the cotton fabric at high temperature. It can be washed or dry cleaned 30 times. The ironing temperature is adjusted to 160-180 degrees Celsius, and the label is covered with a thin cloth when ironing, so that the ironing text is clearer, and it also avoids ironing the fabric or fading due to high temperature. It is best to keep the ironing time for 10-15 seconds to ensure a firm paste.

7. Wax paper missing label ribbon (no film)
It is a special ribbon that leaves permanent image marks on the metal surface after ionization by special equipment. Its unique charm lies in the easy realization of marking on the metal surface without any pigments or dyes, and it is suitable for small batch and various types of manufacturers to mark on the metal surface.

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