What are the solutions for ribbon wrinkles?


If the ribbon is wrinkled, it will cause printing defec […]

If the ribbon is wrinkled, it will cause printing defects when the ribbon advances through the printing assembly during printing. This solution is very useful for the following tasks: Ribbon installation and adjustment to avoid wrinkles during ribbon printing. To

The problems pointed out by this solution include
1: Avoid random slashes on the printed label The ribbon has been wrinkled and the number of wrinkles increases when rewinding to the ribbon recovery shaft Solution
2: If the ribbon is not installed according to the correct ribbon installation path, the ribbon is prone to wrinkles. Solution The width of the ribbon should be equal to or slightly larger than the width of the label to be printed. If the width of the ribbon is wider than the width of the label to be printed, then wrinkles on the ribbon can be reduced. The typical ribbon width should be equal to the width of the label being printed and at least 1/4 inch wider than the label. Solution The printer pressure bar should be adjusted correctly according to the width of the label and the type of label. The printing pressure bar can be moved from the side to the correct position for the entire width of the label installed on the printer. The printing pressure should be adjusted so that the printing pressure is evenly distributed on the label. The unevenly distributed printing pressure will cause the ribbon to wrinkle and fail during the printing process. If the printing pressure on one side is higher than the printing pressure on the other side, it will cause uneven pressure and wrinkles.

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