What are the reasons for the problems with color ribbons?


1. The carbon has pinholes (bubbles): the ink is not ev […]

1. The carbon has pinholes (bubbles): the ink is not evenly coated, which will cause incomplete characters when printing;
2. Ribbon wrinkles: due to problems with the tension control system during slitting, there will be no words printed on a small area of ​​the ribbon, because the melting temperature of the two layers of ribbon is much higher than the temperature of one layer;
3. Carbon with blanks: As the light film is not processed well, it will cause blanks for larger parts;
4. The tolerance of the inner diameter of the paper core is too large or too small: the printer cannot be installed or the ribbon cannot be taken up by the shaft;
5. Too high temperature during transportation will cause the ribbon to stick together;
6. Whether the paper core runs off or not: it will cause the tape to break and the edges will not print;
7. The ribbon length is not enough;
8. When the ribbon is being processed, the winding is too tight or too loose, causing the ribbon to be unable to match with the printer during operation;
9. The shoddy is good, the wax-based component is too high, and the resin component is too small, resulting in the inability to show the advantages of the mixed-based;


Woven Edge Satin with Color Ribbon


Generally speaking, it is not an easy task to purchase the right ribbon. Different printers have different printing preferences, and different printing media will affect the printing effect. Now, the price of ribbon can be said to be With the increasing popularity of domestic processing capabilities and lower prices, to purchase cheap and easy-to-use ribbons, it is indeed necessary to have people who are really knowledgeable to guide, otherwise the bad printing effect will directly affect the product. Image. In addition, a small number of imported printers specify the use of special printing ribbons, the effect is not necessarily significantly better than the general printing effect, and the price of the ribbon is very expensive, this is where you must pay special attention when purchasing printers; The price of the reduced-price universal thermal transfer ribbon is already lower than the price of ink for inkjet printing, and the same as toner for laser printers.

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