What are the characteristics of taffeta?


Because the warp and weft are specially processed. For […]

Because the warp and weft are specially processed. For example, for warp, 1 20/22D mulberry silk is first twisted 800T/m, and then 2 is combined with 2 twists 600T/m; the weft is 20/22D mulberry silk 1 is first twisted 600T/m, and then 3 Combined processing twist 600T/m. Then the warp and weft are refined and woven into taffeta. Therefore, the warp and weft threads are tightly interlaced, the gaps are small, and the silk surface appears unusually flat, and because the warp and weft threads are specially processed, the silk body is firm and soft. The width and weight of plain, striped, taffeta or floral taffeta can be arranged according to needs. Commonly used are 90cm, 13.5m/m, 100, 114cm, 12, 16m/m, etc. Taffeta is the top grade of women's dresses, and women in Europe, America and many regions like it very much. However, the production process of taffeta is complicated, and the output is small, so it can only be supplied in a limited amount, which makes it even more precious and rare.



Taffeta, which originated in France in the 1930s and then spread to China, is mainly produced in Suzhou Soochow Silk Factory. In 1950, the taffeta products of the Soochow Factory were exhibited in seven European countries for the first time on behalf of China, which caused a sensation in the European market. Western merchants called the taffeta produced by Soochow Factory the "Tower King". From 1955 to 1959, taffeta production and sales hit a record high. In 1981, the British royal family ordered 14 pieces of 420-yard dark green lotus taffeta for Princess Diana to make wedding dresses. The international market once again set off a wave of taffeta.
Variety category, fabric structure and fabric specifications of taffeta

The style characteristic pursued by silk taffeta is "soft and flat, thin and plump", and the organization structure is pure silk with fine plain and satin. Its series of products include plain taffeta, floral taffeta, glitter taffeta, striped taffeta, lattice taffeta, printed taffeta, purple cloud taffeta, fluorescent taffeta, and wave Taffeta, Dunhuang taffeta, etc.; in terms of use, it can be used to make high-end dresses, fashions, down products, expensive embroidery. 11un accessories, special medical filter silk and military silk, etc.

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