What are the characteristics of cotton tape?


It has the following characteristics:     &nb […]

It has the following characteristics:




1. The cotton tape is highly hygroscopic, and the shrinkage rate is large, about 4~10%.
2. The cotton tape is alkali-resistant but not acid-resistant. Cotton cloth is extremely unstable to inorganic acid, even very dilute sulfuric acid will damage it, but organic acid has weak effect and hardly destructive effect. Cotton cloth is more resistant to alkali. Generally, dilute alkali has no effect on cotton cloth at room temperature, but the strength of cotton cloth will decrease after the action of strong alkali. 20% caustic soda solution is often used to treat cotton cloth to obtain "mererized" cotton cloth.
3. Cotton tape has average light resistance and heat resistance. Cotton cloth will slowly be oxidized in the sun and the atmosphere, reducing its strength. Long-term high temperature action will damage the cotton cloth, but the cotton belt can withstand short-term high temperature treatment at 125~150℃.
4. Microorganisms have a destructive effect on cotton. Shown in intolerance to mold.

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