What are the application areas of thermal transfer ribbons?


Application field   Thermal transfer ribbon is a v […]

Application field


Thermal transfer ribbon is a very versatile product with a huge amount of usage. With the rapid development of information technology in our country and the continuous expansion and deepening of computer application fields, people’s demand for high-speed and high-quality output printing is increasing. The traditional printing methods on the market are in terms of price, printing quality, and printing speed. It is difficult to meet the all-round needs of users. Because the thermal transfer ribbon adopts high-strength ultra-thin film and high-concentration ink, and adopts a single-use method, the printed characters are high in quality, the ribbon has a long service life, and it overcomes ink-jet bleeding and is easily soluble For water and other defects, the thermal transfer method does not require any printing media, and can achieve high-definition printing on plain paper, recycled paper, wax paper, ordinary film, envelopes, label paper and fabric.

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