Ribbon-What should I do if the label ribbon fails? How to solve?


When we all use the label machine to print labels, we m […]

When we all use the label machine to print labels, we must have encountered such a problem after long-term use. Sometimes the text printed by the printer is not clear, and even the label printer jams. These situations occur Sometimes it is a problem with the label printer, or it may be a problem with the label ribbon. Here are a few common printing problems and solutions.
Problem 1: The printed handwriting is fuzzy and unclear, and the printed label will always have a shallow thin line.
  ①The print head temperature is too low or the print density set is too light;
  ②The print head is not installed stably or installed incorrectly;
  ③The label printer was not maintained in time. The print head or the printer contained dust and other substances, which caused the print head to come into contact with dust particles while punching in the card. If this happened for a long time, it would hit the print head and cause damage to the print head.
  ① Clean the outside and inside of the labeling machine regularly;
  ②Be careful not to touch the print head when opening or closing the case cover;
  ③Do not bring sharp objects such as watches, rings, etc. when checking the machine. Avoid touching the print head and causing damage to the print head.
Problem 2: The label ribbon driving wheel drive belt causes wear or breakage
This kind of failure is caused by the driving belt being used for too long or the character chain rubbing against the driving belt.
  ①Avoid long-term use and avoid breakage of the drive belt;
  ②If the label ribbon has broken, it needs to be replaced in time.
Problem 3: The label ribbon is stuck in the machine
After the edge of the ribbon is stranded or fluffed, it will easily become entangled with the ribbon wheel. Once the ribbon wheel is jammed, the label ribbon cannot be retracted into the ribbon cassette normally.
  ① If the label ribbon is jammed, first take out the ribbon cassette, carefully candle the jammed label ribbon, and then use scissors to cut out the deformed label ribbon;
  ②After flattening the tape head of the ribbon cassette, confirm that the label tape has passed through the label guide groove correctly;
  ③Finally, reinstall the label ribbon to the label machine correctly.

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