How to identify the ribbon?


The identification of the quality of the ribbon mainly […]

The identification of the quality of the ribbon mainly starts from three aspects: the tape base, the joint weld and the ink.

With base
The ribbon base is woven with nylon yarn as raw material, and its quality directly affects the service life of the poor ribbon and the ink adhesion and penetration ability. The tape base used in the market is divided into nylon 6 and nylon 66, the difference lies in the chemical composition of nylon. Nylon 66 is more elastic and durable than nylon 6. Nylon 66 is divided into low-density, medium-density, high-density and high-density twisting. The higher the density, the more warp and weft weaves and the better the elasticity. A better ribbon is generally woven from high-density nylon 66, with a warp and weft density of more than 130 threads per centimeter, and a high-density tape base with no entanglement, lint-free, and non-deformation in the fiber state.

A good ink has small particles, will not block pinholes, has good fluidity, uniform PH value, strong absorption when applying ink, good moisture retention, durable printing, and slow color transition during printing. The high-quality ribbon inks are all degreasing treated. When touched by hand, no obvious ink marks will be left on the fingers. The ink printing process of this ink is also very uniform, and the front and back printing effects are not obvious. difference.

A good ribbon interface is flat and narrow, the error is relatively small, the degree of hardening is very light, and the needle is not hung when printing; the interface is strong and has strong tensile strength. The welds of high-quality ribbons are all made by ultrasonic welding, which can effectively ensure the quality of the joints. The welds welded by simple hot melt or hot pressing methods destroy the fiber characteristics of the base to varying degrees, resulting in welding There will be obvious double-layer joints at the seam, and the interface is not smooth. This kind of ribbon often uses the printing needle and cannot be returned in time, which will cause serious wear, damage or even break the printing needle. Therefore, you should carefully observe it when purchasing the ribbon. The condition of the joint weld.



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