How to choose taffeta fabric?


Taffeta, a silk-like silk fabric woven with plain weave […]

Taffeta, a silk-like silk fabric woven with plain weave from the degummed cooked silk of high-quality mulberry silk. The name comes from the English word taffeta, which means plain weave silk fabric. Also known as taffeta, it is a kind of high-grade silk fabric woven with plain weave. The warp yarn adopts double-twisted cooked silk, and the weft yarn adopts combined single-twisted cooked silk. The plain weave is used as the ground, and the fabric density is high. It is the most compact variety of silk fabrics.

The characteristics of taffeta are the silk surface is fine, clean and smooth, flat and beautiful, with good luster, the fabric is tight, and the hand feels stiff, but it is easy to produce permanent creases after wrinkles. Therefore, it is not suitable for folding and pressing, and roll-type packaging is often used.

There are many varieties of taffeta.

According to the raw materials used, there are silk taffeta, double palace silk taffeta, silk-cotton interwoven taffeta, spun weft taffeta, rayon taffeta, polyester taffeta and so on.

According to the weaving process, there are plain taffeta, glitter taffeta, striped taffeta, jacquard taffeta and so on.

Plain taffeta is woven with a single color of dyed cooked silk; glitter taffeta uses different colors of warp and weft yarns to form a glitter effect after weaving into a fabric, and striped taffeta uses different colors of warp yarns and associating yarns according to the law It is arranged at intervals and woven into a fabric to form a grid effect; jacquard taffeta is referred to as flower taffeta, which is a plain weave of plain taffeta with satin weave. The taffeta is tight and clean, the silk surface is flat, smooth and delicate, the hand feels firm, the color is bright, and the color is soft and bright. Not easy to stain. Mainly used as women's spring and autumn clothing, holiday dresses, down jacket fabrics, etc.

Both the silk taffeta and the jacquard taffeta have a wide variety of colors, and the colors are bright and eye-catching, including black, white, pink, red, royal blue, camel, rose red and so on.


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