How to choose materials for Tetoron webbing and cotton webbing?


Tetoron webbing-material selection: The material is a s […]

Tetoron webbing-material selection: The material is a sewing thread made of high-strength polyester chemical fiber filament, also known as high-strength thread. Its characteristics: soft and smooth thread quality, strong color and strong heat, light fastness, strong damage resistance, high tensile strength, and no elasticity.



Cotton webbing-material selection: the yarn is processed by spinning cotton fiber, which is called cotton thread after ply processing. The fibers in cotton yarn are straight and parallel, with less knots, good luster, evenness, and high strength. This type of cotton yarn is mostly used for weaving fabrics and is a product in textiles. Application areas: polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton and natural rubber belt fabrics, such as backpack belts, sofa elastic belts, jacquard elastic belts.

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