How is the use of polyester ribbon and the development of the industry?


Polyester ribbon is a kind of man-made fiber. Polyester […]

Polyester ribbon is a kind of man-made fiber. Polyester has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and easy washing. It has good moisture removal, but the air permeability is not as good as cotton, and the price is relatively cheap. Polyester characteristics: good heat resistance, good moisture absorption, high elasticity, good elasticity and other characteristics. Jacquard ribbon manufacturers say that the elasticity is close to that of wool. When it is stretched by 5%-6%, it can almost completely recover. Next, HU ZHOU XINXI WUXING SILK CO., LTD. will talk to you about the use and development of polyester ribbon.


Polyester ribbon has a wide range of uses, and is widely used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products. Due to its permanent flame retardancy, flame-retardant polyester has a wide range of applications. In addition to its irreplaceable role in industrial textiles, architectural interior decoration, and vehicle interior decoration, it also plays a number of roles in the field of protective clothing.
In addition to pure flame-retardant polyester, polyester ribbon can produce flame-retardant, waterproof, oil-repellent, anti-static and other multi-functional products according to the special requirements of users. For example, waterproof and oil-repellent finishing of flame-retardant polyester ribbon can improve the functionality of flame-retardant clothing; use flame-retardant polyester and conductive fiber to produce anti-static flame-retardant fabric; use flame-retardant fiber and high-performance fiber for blending and interweaving , It can produce high-performance flame-retardant fabrics; flame-retardant fibers are blended with cotton, viscose and other fibers to improve the comfort of protective clothing and reduce secondary burns.
Jacquard ribbon manufacturers disassemble several warp and weft yarns of two unknown types of ribbon, burn them with a lighter, and observe some physical phenomena during the burning process to determine the raw materials of warp and weft yarns. When burning, observe the flame, melting, smell, and ashes after burning. Polyester ribbon is easy to ignite, and it melts when it is near the flame. When it burns, it emits black smoke while melting. It shows a yellow flame and emits an aromatic smell. After burning, the ashes are dark brown lumps, which can be twisted with fingers.
Polyester ribbon is an accessory product industry. It is widely used in clothing and bags. It is beautiful and practical. There are many materials for polyester ribbon. Among them, polyester ribbon has high strength and elastic recovery ability. After washing, polyester fabrics are very easy to dry, and the wet strength is almost not reduced, does not deform, and has good wash and wear properties. The polyester ribbon has good resistance to various chemicals, and the degree of damage to it by acid and alkali is not large, and it is not afraid of molds and insects. Therefore, the use of polyester ribbon is increasing.


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