How does the polyester webbing dyeing process help to improve the color fastness?


If the dyeing process of polyester tape is not complete […]

If the dyeing process of polyester tape is not completed, it is easy to cause dyeing and fading. There are ways to improve the color fastness of polyester. According to the characteristics of its own non-reactive groups, the color fastness can be improved in the process and the addition of corresponding auxiliaries. The coloring depth and dyeing effect of the webbing can be adjusted from the pressure of the roller in the pad dyeing process. The smaller the pressure, the more likely the coating will migrate and the color difference in the edge during dyeing. Generally, the pressure should be controlled at 0.2MPa.



The effect of color temperature on color fastness:
In order to ensure the color fastness and the purity of the shade at the same time, it is necessary to ensure a certain color development temperature and time, usually 160 ℃ is appropriate, and the color development time is about 2 minutes. If the temperature is too low and the color development time is short, the color fastness will be reduced; if the temperature is too high, the color development time will be too long, which will affect the quality of the webbing, such as the texture is hard and the color is not bright.


The influence of dispersant dosage on levelness:
The use of dispersant can ensure that the paint dye solution avoids demulsification and delamination. The more the better, the better, usually 8g/L. If the amount is too much, it will affect the shade and dyeing rate.


The influence of binder on color fastness:
The adhesive has little effect on the color depth, but it has a significant effect on the color fastness. The larger the amount of the adhesive, the higher the color fastness. Usually 40g/L is appropriate. No matter how large it is, sticking will easily occur. Phenomenon.
The above parameters of the paint dyeing process can achieve a good coloring effect and improve the color fastness of polyester webbing dyeing. Compared with other processes, it has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption and low emission.

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