Are taffeta and polyester taffeta the same thing?


Taffeta and polyester taffeta are actually not the same […]

Taffeta and polyester taffeta are actually not the same thing. Taffeta is a large category of fabrics, while polyester taffeta is a small category of taffeta. Taffeta generally refers to a silk fabric woven from degummed cooked silk with a plain weave. The style and appearance are silk fabrics, with a fine and smooth surface and bright luster, similar to real silk. Its fabric density is relatively high, and it is a very compact type of silk fabrics.


Taffeta is distinguished by raw materials and can have multiple varieties, such as silk taffeta, silk cotton taffeta, and polyester taffeta is one of them. Its full name should be polyester taffeta, or polyester taffeta for short. The price of this taffeta is cheap, the style is similar to real silk, and the raw materials used can be blended and interwoven, so it is very popular.

In the weaving process of taffeta, the warp yarn will use double-twisted cooked yarn, while the weft yarn will use single-twisted cooked yarn. Its product density is very high. It is generally used for spring and autumn clothing, holiday dresses, or making in daily life. Down jacket fabric. Its silk cloth is relatively smooth, but it is prone to creases, so be careful in the weaving process and the transportation process. The packaging generally adopts the reel type.

There are many varieties of taffeta, most of which are real silk, rayon, glossy silk, polyester silk, silk cotton, etc. Silk taffeta is the most high-end, while polyester taffeta is the cheapest. Its color is bright, and flashing colors and jacquard are usually added according to customer requirements. It is the main material of female dresses. It is also relatively convenient to handle, it is not easy to stain, and it is very popular with people.

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